About Definite Hearing Center (DHC)

Definite Hearing Center (DHC) was established in the year 1980 at Goregaon west in Mumbai. We have two centers in Mumbai currently. Our centersare one of the best dedicated hearing clinics in Mumbai, which provides customized and personalized services to people with hearing difficulties, Speech, language and communication disorders as well.

Loss of Hearing

Symptoms of hearing loss

The symptoms of hearing loss can vary depending on the type of hearing loss, the cause of hearing loss, and the degree of loss.

Types of hearing loss

There are three main types of hearing loss,
• Sensorineural hearing loss
• Conductive hearing loss

Causes of hearing loss

The cause of a particular hearing loss is important to understand since it factors heavily into determining the right treatment...

Featured Products

Our hearing aids are 100% digital and 100% programmable.

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